Laura’s House

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder’s
Rock  House in Mansfield, Missouri

Copyright © Elyse Bruce 2012. All Rights Reserved.
No part of this photograph may be reproduced
without written consent from the copyright owner.

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4 thoughts on “Laura’s House

  1. Neat place and not far from Kansas!

    • Just a stone’s throw away, in fact. Most people don’t know that the Ingalls family settled on land not yet open for homesteading, near Independence KS, in what was identified as Indian Territory back in the day. The first “Little House” book was based on her childhood experiences in Kansas.

  2. So cool! I’ve always wanted to see this!

    • Any place that calls out to you is a place worth visiting, Brenda. I can tell you that seeing both the Rock House as well as the original house Almanzo built for Laura (which they moved back into after they left the Rock House) on their property in Mansfield, is worth the time and effort to visit. It’s a real eye-opener on what life was like when Laura was first married as well as an eye-opener on Laura and Almanzo’s life together. Very inspirational. Very educational.

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