About Elyse

Elyse Bruce is a professional musician, composer, singer-songwriter, visual artist, playwright, and author as well as a single parent of a teen with multiple disabilities.  She balances her time writing music, songs, plays and novels as well as mastering new technology, and teaching songwriting and marketing courses.

As a serious hobbyist, she successfully creates and promotes new and exciting projects that involve — and benefit — as many people as possible.

Her debut novel, “Glass On A Stick“, has met with much acclaim in the mainstream and disability communities. Just in time for Christmas 2012, Elyse Bruce is publishing a collection of short stories entitled, “A Summer Of Somebodies: Cautionary Tales for Modern Times.”

She is currently at work on the follow-up novel to “Glass On Stick.”

If you’re looking for music by Elyse Bruce to add to your collection, check these full-length CDs out, also available on Amazon!

Dreamtime (instrumental)
Quietudes (instrumental)
Countdown To Midnight

She also loves to travel and take thousands of photographs every year.

Please take the time to visit the Copyright Notice page.


2 thoughts on “About Elyse

  1. What a very talented lady you are, Elise. You are blessed.

    • Thank you, Sharry. I’m grateful for the fact that I was blessed with many creative talents. They’ve gotten me through all sorts of times in my life — the good, the less good, and the not-so-very good. I’m glad you’re enjoying the daily photos showcased on “1001 Reasons To Shoot.” 🙂

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